About me

My proflio

Am  called kawunde rashid am 20 years old am a   male  as in sex and am pound
of  my self. I was born am a citizen of Uganda,and am a Ugandan by nationalism.
I was born in Wakiso district in kyadondo Sub County   in Nansana parish.
From 2008 there was an organization
I used to work with called KIFAD “kyita family alliance for development” so in 2010 there was an organization called Nairobits from Kenya. The
Organization was to get the slum children of Uganda  and gives them a chance to reach there dreams and it was to teach them ICT “information computer technology” this includes learning computers work, graphic designing web designing and all the things in the ICT world and it was to work throw organizations and after it was to be called Kampabits since  was Kampala.
Since it was my dream I so this as a one life opportunity so I had to do / to work had so that I can get this chance. I n that process due to the interest I had I was give a chance to go on with the Project
In kampabits we had to take off the course for one year and after it made me a good
web and graphic designer.